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One Blend, One Brand

Composed of nine distinct highest-order Arabica coffees spanning four continents, purchased directly from the growers who nurtured them. Perfectly balanced, with a delightfully distinct taste and aroma. Recalibrated with each harvest to consistently provide the signature illy taste, cup after cup after cup. Expertly blended prior to roasting and cooling. Fresh taste and aroma preserved through pressurized packaging.

Università del caffè

Sharing coffee culture and knowledge is the inspiration behind illy’s Unversità del caffè (the University of Coffee) which was first opened in Naples, Italy in 1999 and then moved to Trieste in 2002. Today there are more than 20 branches worldwide, each a center of coffee excellence promoting the lastest coffee research and understanding from bean to cup.

Pressurized Packaging: Exclusively illy

illy pioneered a way, using a remarkably effective, natural pressurization technology – patented throughout the world, and exclusive to illy. Freshly roasted illy coffee is placed in recyclable cans, along with natural, inert nitrogen, under pressure. The process traps essential aromas and protects them for more than a year. Just like fine wine maturing in the bottle, illy coffee is refined in its pressurized environment, becoming yet rounder than when first packaged as naturally emerging oils mingle with one another. The nitrogen escapes completely and instantly upon pulling the tab. Listen for the signature “whoosh” sound when you open your next can. That’s the sound of coffee kept fresh like no other.

Four Labs TO Explore One Universe

ILLY have four research facilities: AROMALAB, SENSORYLAB, TECHLAB, BIOLAB.

We enjoy it every day, so it may seem simple. But coffee is actually quite complex: a universe unto itself. The study of coffee dates back to 1500, starting from a rudimentary exploration of its chemical identity. Today’s coffee research encompasses multiple scientific disciplines including genetics, agronomy, botany, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, engineering, physiology and psychology.

Who are we?

“illycaffè” bringing together three generations of the family’s efforts, with the great enthusiasm to achieve the perfect quality, illycaffe persists in producing unique flavors of a single commodity. And has won the coffee lover’s recognition and love around the world. This makes “illycaffè” to be well known as the Italy national treasure coffee, and established it’s leadership in the coffee industry.

Fortunecaffe espresso corporation was the first to orthodox Italian coffee culture into Taiwan . During the past twenty years, he educates consumers and cafe industry constantly. Watching the transformation of Taiwan, from lack of awareness of coffee grown into the world’s highest density of cafes booming market.

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