The quality of illy coffee is preserved with a proprietary, pressurized packaging method proven to maintain freshness.  Refrigerate after opening, and utilize full contents within one week for maximum enjoyment.



The Arabica coffees comprising the illy blend come from nine different growing regions around the world, each with unique environmental conditions that impart a characteristic flavor profile to the illy identity.

According to the degree of roasting is divided into two types:

1.Dark Roast-Bright, rich and energetic, it gets straight to the point. Marked counterpoints offlavors with pronouncedchocolate aroma, blending with toast and caramel.

2.Medium Roast-Quintessential balance ofstrength and smoothness, with distinct aromas ofchocolate, toast, caramel and a light flowers.

Blended from 100% of the finest Arabica coffee beans, illy coffee is the only brand in world which guarantees a very low caffeine content (less than 1.5%), decaffeinated products is less than 0.05%.

illycaffe的咖啡產品使用專利「惰氣」(Inert Gas)加壓包裝,除了抽除氧氣之外,還再灌入加壓氮氣在罐內形成保護層,隔絕咖啡粉與外界空氣的接觸。 在加壓的程序中會對罐底造成壓力,有稍微凸起的現象,這與我們一般認知中罐頭底部凸起就代表內部腐壞變質是不一樣的,所以此為正常現象。   提醒您開罐時請將扣環慢慢拉起(勿用力快速拉開),先讓罐內惰氣洩壓之後再完全拉開封蓋,以免咖啡粉因快速拉開而噴灑出來。